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The c-base is running a 56m2 tent at the Chaos Communication Camp where we organise workshops and exhibitions focussing on Science Fiction and network culture in computer graphics, art, literature and music.

The competitors' task is to create 3D-models of the famous "Heart of Gold" from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". The poll will take place by the visitors and maybe by the attending internet community. The winner will get the opportunity to manufacture his winning design as a real solid model on a GENISYS. >>>

The 3rd annual Berlin meeting of 2D/3D-SF-artists (members of c-base, cross-section artists of the world's greatest SF-series PERRY RHODAN und others who are engaged in utopic design). Featuring an exhibition of digital and analog works, not necessarily from the PERRY RHODAN universe. There will be great possibilities to get a closer look at the artists at work. >>>

GIMP:workshop A workshop on the leading open source Photoshop-killer application that promises deeper insights to filter collections where boldly no man has gone before. >>>

sf:poetry slam
Science Fiction and associated literary writers are going to perform their texts in a contest and submit themselves to the judgement of the audience. Your input is definitely welcome! >>>

holo:workshop The Next Dimension! A guide to holographic art and knowledge. >>>


"o2 molecular delights all the time"
The classic interface between c-base and other worlds and universes. Represented by the legendary c-gate that will be oscillating by the spherical sounds of cj-joe.