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The hackcenter tent will be the main area for all kinds of activites at the camp. It is quite impossible to foresee everything that will be going on here, but a couple of project plans have surfaced so far.

Linux Deathmatch
0. Overview
On the first day of the camp, we want to arrange a Linux Deathmatch in the Hackcenter. A Linux Deathmatch is a realtime hacking competition.

Four teams of 1-3 players sitting around a pentagon share a network and try to hack each other. Every team gets a computer and a serial terminal. They have to run services like SMTP, FTP, WWW and more complex ones, for which they get scores, and they should also develop an Intrusion Detection Tool and hack the other players.

1. Deathmatch rules
The rules are under construction. If you want to integrate your ideas into the deathmatch, please join our mailinglist by writing a mail to We will publish the rules sometime before the camp. After that, only minor changes will be made. You will get the exact rules one day before the deathmatch starts.

2. Player subscriptions If you want to take part in the deathmatch, please write a mail to 3. Knowledge you need to survive You should have a certain measure on knowledge about Linux, programming, server administration and computer security.

4. The intrusion detection system
The most challenging part of the deathmatch is to write an IDS that detects several attacks from other computers such as portscans, IP exploits and hack attempts on high level protocols like the FTP-mkdir-exploits.

Because writing software is a complex and really creative act, the teams will get a lot of points for that. At the end of the deathmatch, we will compare the output of the IDS(s) and give points for the quality of the tools.

The Firewalling Project
Charly will be setting up a Linux box which will be separated from the camp network by a firewall which will be either a Sun or NT. It will run Checkpoint's FW-1 which is said to be great when configured correctly. The project is about finding out if that's true.

das Firewalling-Projekt kommt langsam aus den Socken. Die Checkpoint FW-1 ist unter ( im Netz, wird aber im Laufe des Tages noch einmal offline gehen, um eine zusaetzliche Ne2000 reinzuschrauben. Derzeit gibt es nur eine BlockAll-Rule, die FW ist aber pingbar. Im Laufe des Tages wird eine Llinux-Buechse hinter die FW gehaengt, die wohl HTTP und SMTP, evtl. auch FTP anbieten wird. Statistics: in den letzten 12 Stunden hat die FW ca. 120.000 Connect-Versuche abgelehnt und etliche DoS-Attacken ueberstanden...