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Please look at the Newsticker for actuall informations about the projects!

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The hackcenter tent will be the main area for all kinds of activites at the camp. It is quite impossible to foresee everything that will be going on here, but a couple of project plans have surfaced so far.

reengineering village

The reengineering village will be the center point for all smartcard, chipcard and reengineering activity of all sorts.
Various groups have announced they will come to the camp. We'll provide more details soon.

crypto village

cryptography will be one of the main topics at the camp. there will be a theme tent devoted to cryptography. if you feel devoted to crypto as well, you might want to join the tent.
A couple of workshops about crypto technology and policy will be held in the workshop tents.

art & beauty

"you can create art & beauty with a computer"
Steven Levy, "Hackers: Heroes Of The Computer Revolution"
Computers have changed the face of the world and they have changed the face of art and culture as well. The art & beauty village is for people interested in creating and designing and using computers to build your own world.

lockpicking village

the lockpicking crowd will be on the camp with their own tent providing hands-on experience for beginners and experts as well. Here you find the timetable of their workshops.

other projects

the freihamburg connection The so-called Freihamburg Connection is organizing two projects in their own tent at the camp: a Hack The NT Contest and a Turbo Web Competition.