near berlin, germany
6/7/8 august 1999

RADIO INTERGALAKTIK (via 93,9 FM or MP3-stream)

... the radio at the end of the universe ...

What is this doing?

Solutions to the Radiostation
New one:
1769:0100 mov ax,[5d]
1769:0103 sub al,30
1769:0105 mov [168],al
1769:0108 jc 16b
1769:010A mov si,f631
1769:010D xor di,di
1769:010F xor cx,cx
1769:0111 mov ah,3f
1769:0113 xor bx,bx
1769:0115 inc cx
1769:0116 mov dx,[0168]
1769:011A add dx,16b
1769:011E int 21
1769:0120 dec ax
1769:0121 jnz  14d
1769:0123 or si,si
1769:0125 jnz 13b
1769:0127 mov si,dx
1769:0129 cmp by[si],0d
1769:012C jz 130
1769:012E xor si,si
1769:0130 mov ah,40
1769:0132 mov bx,1
1769:0135 int 21
1769:0137 loop 10b
1769:0139 jmp 10f
1769:013B mov bx,dx
1769:013D cmp by [bx],5b
1769:0140 jnz 156
1769:0142 mov si,16a
1769:0145 mov di,16b
1769:0148 mov cx,[168]
1769:014C jcxz 111
1769:014E rep
1769:014F movsb
1769:0150 mov si,16c
1769:0153 jnz 10f
1769:0155 db bf
1769:0156 mov cx,di
1769:0158 jcxz 165
1769:015A jc 145
1769:015C mov dx,16b
1769:015F mov cx,[168]
1769:0163 jcxz 10b
1769:0165 inc cx
1769:0166 jmp 130
1769:0168 db 0,0,20
1769:016B mov ah,9
1769:016D mov dx,173
1769:0170 int 21
1769:0172 ret
1769:0173 db "Fehler$"

You have the solution? Contact Pixel in the NOC tent

A little Help!

Old One

; real-mode fnord
0000    xx xx xx                call >l1
0003    xx              l1:     pop bx
0004    xx xx xx                xor eax,eax
0007    xx xx                   push eax
0009    xx xx                   mov bp,sp
000b    xx xx                   mov cx,10h
000d    xx xx xx        l2:     dec w[bp]
0010    xx xx                   add bx,cx
0012    xx xx                   dec cl
0014    xx xx                   jnz l2
0016    xx xx xx                dec w[bp+2]
0019    xx xx xx xx             shl w[bp+2],12
001d    xx                      push cs
001e    xx                      pop ds
001f    xx xx xx xx             mov b[bx-136],"\313"
0023    xx xx                   jmp l1

programme schedule:

it's finally online: the wonderful programme schedule of Radio Intergalaktik!


basic stuff:

  • every day and every full hour: FNORD-NEWS with excerpts of the Campers Guide to the Chaos Communication Camp, updated every 30 mins - if necessary.
  • still under construction (at 2:50 pm, 5.8.): an MP3-server which you can feed with your own music files. We're still working on it. Please be patient ;-)
  • For those of you who forgot to bring your FM receivers: Radio Intergalaktik can now also be received via Internet - as an MP3-stream under the IP address on port 8000. All you need is a MP3-client with streaming ability. For linux there's Xamp, e.g., for windows WinAmp and in the MacWorld there's MacAmp. Some of your camp neighbours should be able to help you out with this - if you ask them nicely ;-)

Thursday, 5.8.99

  • Project managers are very much welcome to visit us in our studio during the whole day to introduce and promote their workshops on the air.
  • We'll make your wish come true! If you want us to play your own favourite music on Radio Intergalaktik (for once ;-), just grab your MP3s or CDs and drop by our radio tent.