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sunday 8.8

12.00 Workshop 1
    Eingeschränkte freie Berufswahl in der IT-Branche
    Ein Erlebnisbericht zu den Risiken einer abweichenden Meinung für die Freiheit der Berufswahl.
    Jörg Jenetzky

12.00 Workshop 2

    "Crypto-Hacking Export restrictions"
    There are still many silly export restriction for cryptographic software. Therefore we have taken a closer look on nice mathematical tricks to improve key length, building encryption systems with signature cards and using "non decrypting" JAVA cards to do en- and decryption. For all these systems there exist nice mathematical security proofs, but perhaps we should do some funnier things too, like encrypting with Solitaire cards or PERL body painting.
    Rüdiger Weis

14.00 Workshop 1

    Das Chaos-CD Projekt
    Das Projekt zur Erstellung des Inhalts der nächsten Chaos-CD stellt sein Konzept vor und verteilt Arbeits-Päckchen an Mitarbeitswillige Mitmenschen

14.00 Workshop 2

    Freedom - the pseudonymous IP Network - Introduction
    In this workshop Ian Goldberg gives an overview of Freedom, a pseudonymous IP network that is soon to be released publicly.
    Ian Goldberg

16.00 Workshop 1

    IP V6: Erfahrungen aus dem IP V6-Feldversuch auf dem Camp
    Was ging, was ging nicht beim IP V6-Ackerversuch? Eine Bilanz.

18.00 Workshop 1

    Chaos Communication Camp Reverse Engineering Award
    A price for the best reverse engineering project at the Chaos Communication Camp will be handed out. IThe winner gets a very rare price: one of the only eight GSM diagnostic SIM's I know of with rewritable internal keys. A board of judges that consists of several well known and respected members of the hacker comunity will try to judge the winner independently.
    Lucky Green