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friday 6.8

12.00 Workshop 1
    How To Leave the planet
    Welcome to the camp. Join the crew.
    Introduction To The Camp

14.00 Workshop 1

    Politics of creating crypto software
    How to create free strong crypto software without getting into trouble with the various regulatory agencies.
    Hugh Daniel, John Gillmore

14.00 Workshop 2
    "How to askfor help on the net" - finding information
    Finding information on the net is sometimes not as easy as it looks. There is also some sort of introduction in the whole field of Search Engines.
    Ron Fulda

16.00 Workshop 1

    Nach Zuruf einer - sagen wir mal zwölfstelligen Zahl - versucht der Vortragende diese zu faktorisieren, ohne dabei auf spezielle Software zuzugreifen. A paper an pencil attack.
    Lutz Donnerhacke

16.00 Workshop 2

    Holographie - Einführung
    Claus gibt einen allgemeinen und einführenden Überblick über das weite Feld der Holographie
    Claus Cohen

18.00 Workshop 2

    Security & Authentification Mechanism NT vs. Linux
    We will discuss and evaluate the Security and Authentication mechanisms in these popular Operating Systems.

20.00 Workshop 1

    "Secure and Fast Hard disk (and Pilot) Encryption with Smart Cards"
    Smart cards are very user friendly and pretty tamper-proof - ok,ok not really if you hang on the CCC-Camp. But if you look at the performance, smart cards are like a compressed C64. So if you want to use a smart card supported files system, we have to use more sophisticated protocols. And we have developed some, free and even exportable to the US.
    Rüdiger Weis Stefan Lucks

20.00 Workshop 2

    "A Career in Mischief: Cypherpunks in Corporate Security" "How to Succeed in Business -- for Cypherpunks" "It's Not Just a Job, It's a Hack" / "Cypherpunk Corporate Camoflage Camp" "Take This Job and Ping It" / "Hacking the Corporate Ladder for Fun & Profit"
    Dave Del Torto

22.00 Workshop 1

    A workshop about the development of the remailer-friendly cryptographic mail transfer agent "angel".

22.00 Workshop 2

    Hacker Variety Pack
    The many ways one can be a hacker. Not all of which have anything to do with getting root on a machine. The panel will consist of Lucky Green, Ian Goldberg, John Gilmore, Hugh Daniel, and Sameer Parekh and some more people. The idea is to teach the kids that there are other ways to do cool stuff than to just hack boxes. We need managers, social engineers, scientists, and more.
    Hugh Daniel, John Gilmore Lucky Green, Sameer Parekh Ian Goldberg et. al.

24.00 Workshop 1

    Biometric Insecurity
    Biometrical Authentification is one of the most interesting field for future hacking. Bypassing finger print scanners, hand shape scanners and other biometrical deviceswill be discussed in more or less detail as well as the basic theories behind it

24.00 Workshop 2

    Linux Security
    How to get strong encryption into main Linux distributions.